luxury holiday rentals for an exclusive vacation

1. Contract Conclusion
Bookings of vacation accommodation can be made in written form or by word of mouth. They become binding upon receipt of an advance payment to the account of marina balear s.l. as the intermediary between tenant and proprietor. 
The prepayment confirms the acceptance of the general terms and conditions of business as well as the conclusion of the lease.

2. Payment
The advance payment of 30% of the total rent is due 
within 7 days upon receipt of the booking conformation. 

Failure to pay within this period entitles marina balear s.l. to cancel the reservation and to incur liabilities to other parties. The final payment of the rent (plus possible additional charges) is due 8 weeks prior to arrival without issuance of further requests of payment.

3. Provision of Services
The scope of services is established in the contract. 
Unless affirmed, subsidiary agreements have no effect.

4. Share of responsibility
Please notify us of damages to facilities or furnishings within 24 hours following move-in. Complaints issued at a later point cannot be considered. 
Most of the vacation homes are located in remote, rural areas. Ants, mosquitos and the likes do not account for shortcomings and will subsequently not account for claims of recompensation.

5. Liability
marina balear s.l. acts as an agent for vacation accommodation. All contracts are issued on behalf of the proprietor, landlord or caretaker of the properties. 

Claims for damages need to be filed to the proprietor, landlord or caretaker. 
marina balear s.l. is not liable for possible power blackouts, cuts in water supply, or acts of god. 

In case of withdrawal from the contract for a property lease prior to the beginning of the journey on the part of marina balear s.l., will provide alternative accommodation. 

The client can make no other claims. 
The owner provides documentation of the property in image and text. Marina balear s.l. takes no liability for aberrations.
 marina balear s.l. takes no liability for accidents. The usage of the properties is at the client's own risk. Claims for compensation cannot be made. 
If usage of the object is not possible due to force majeure and no alternative accommodation available, liability is limited to the amount of payments made until that date. 
No liability is taken for noise disturbance caused by constructions on neighboring premises or the likes. 
The client takes full responsibility for his valuables / cash etc. 
Claims for compensation cannot be made. 
Landlord and marina balear s.l. are not liable in case of theft or burglary. In such case, marina balear s.l. has to be notified of damages caused to the property 

6. Resignations
Withdrawals from the contract must be issued in written. The date of receipt is decisive. Marina balear s.l. will claim the following withdrawal fees, relative to the total costs of rental, on behalf of the owner:

• 30% in case of withdrawal up to 90 days prior to the beginning of the lease,

• 50% in case of withdrawal up to 60 days prior to the beginning of the lease,

• 70% in case of withdrawal up to 30 days prior to the beginning of the lease,

• 100% withdrawal up to 29 days prior to the beginning of the lease,

You should consider withdrawal expense coverage insurance. Travel insurance is available in the insurance section of our website or from any travel agent. Substitutional partners for the lease contract are considered under the same conditions if approved by marina balear s.l. A handling fee of EUR 60 applies for rebookings or cancellations

7. Pets
Please note that the proprietor's approval and that of marina balear s.l. respectively are required if you consider to bring any pets. 
The tenant is liable for any damages caused by pets.

8. Miscellaneous Provisions
Place of jurisdiction for the resolution of disputes related to the contract is the place of residence of the owner or the location of the property.


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